Response to North East Derbyshire’s latest Local Plan consultation

As many residents will know, North East Derbyshire District Council have recently closed the latest consultation on their draft Local Plan (2014 – 2034) – the document which outlines how our area should change and develop in the coming decade.  This is a hugely important document which covers housebuilding, commercial & businesses and the regeneration and improvement of our towns.

I have had serious concerns about this plan since being elected last year – it is years late, ill-thought through and has seriously over-estimated the number of houses needing to be built in North East Derbyshire.  We do need new houses to be built – but North East Derbyshire have failed to justify the sheer scale of building that they are proposing over the next fifteen years.

Along with many other residents, I have objected to the plans put forward by the Council.  You can find a copy of my objection here: Local Plan response – 05042018