Bramleymoor Lane: New Year Update

I want to update you on the progress of the Bramleymoor Lane proposals and give more information on the ways you can comment, right now, on the application.

In my previous updates, I highlighted how Ineos had sent their initial application to the Planning Inspectorate and had submitted a second application that looked like the first one to Derbyshire County Council. As a result, there are now multiple different processes running on the exploratory drilling application and there are three main opportunities to voice your objections.

If you feel strongly about this application, you should make sure that you comment each time there is a new opportunity.

Here are the three ways you can make your voice heard:

Comment on the FIRST Bramleymoor Lane exploratory drilling application to Derbyshire County Council:

  • Over 5,000 responses have already been received by Derbyshire County Council for the first Bramleymoor Lane application. Most residents will have commented on this already but, if you haven’t, then please start here.
  • Although Derbyshire County Council are no longer making the final decision on this application (as a result of it being referred to a planning inquiry which will be run by the Planning Inspectorate), the County Council still will have a role to play in that planning inquiry and so are going to come to their own conclusion on the application which they will then use as an input into that inquiry process. It is important to encourage Derbyshire County Council to decide that Bramleymoor Lane shouldn’t happen so that they argue against the application at the planning inquiry along with all of the other groups that will already be doing this.
  • As a result, if you haven’t already commented on this initial application, please do so as soon as possible. Equally if there are any additional comments you want to add to your initial submission (because, for example, several months have now passed and new considerations have arisen) then you should also submit these.
  • We are expecting Derbyshire County Council to hold a planning committee in the next few months which will determine their own view on the application in advance of the planning inquiry. The date for this has not yet been set.
  • Quote CM4/0517/10 and write to Derbyshire County Council, Shand House, Dale Road South, Matlock, DE4 3RY or go click here:
  • There remains no absolute deadline on when comments can be submitted here – technically anything that is sent in up until the day when the committee meeting is held will be considered – but, for good practice, you should get your comments in as soon as possible.

Comment on the APPEAL and let the national Planning Inspectorate know your views:

  • In November, Ineos appealed their first application for Bramleymoor Lane to the Planning Inspectorate, a body which is based in Bristol acting as an independent reviewer of planning applications. As discussed above, the Inspectorate will now undertake a full planning inquiry, sometime later this year, where they will go through the arguments for and against the application and then come to a decision. This inquiry will be held at a location somewhere in our area.
  • You can find out more about how a planning inquiry works here:
  • All comments received by Derbyshire County Council on this application have been handed over to the Planning Inspectorate – so if you have commented already to the Council then the Inspectorate will see these comments
  • However, the Planning Inspectorate are also running a consultation until 2nd February which gives interested residents the opportunity to provide further comments on the application or highlight again their concerns to the Inspectorate – please take this consultation opportunity to demonstrate the continuing strength of feeling on the application.
  • To comment, quote APP/U1050/W/17/3190838 and write to Planning Inspectorate, Room 4A Kite Wing , Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN or go to
  • All comments must be received by 2nd February and the Planning Inspectorate has been clear they will send back any comments received after this deadline.

Comment on the NEW Bramleymoor Lane exploratory drilling application:

  • Ineos has re-submitted their original application to Derbyshire County Council with slight changes, which means the public should re-submit their comments, too, if they want to guarantee their views are taken into account.
  • The process of commenting on this second application is the same as commenting on the first one, albeit with a different reference number.
  • To comment, quote CM4/1217/72 and write to Derbyshire County Council, Shand House, Dale Road South, Matlock, DE4 3RY or click here:
  • As with any process run by Derbyshire County Council, there are no absolute deadlines as when comments need to be submitted and you can technically make submissions up until the day that the committee hearing is held on this application. For good practice, however, please get your comments in as soon as possible.

If you are objecting, think about how the following would be impacted in your view:

  • Traffic: do you think that there would be a large increase in traffic, especially HGVs? Do you think the roads would be able to cope if there is?
  • Impact on the environment, habitats and wildlife: how will the application for exploratory drilling impact on the local environment, habitats and wildlife? Are you aware of any animals or wildlife that use the local area that you are concerned may be impacted?
  • Geological considerations: the application will be assessed based on the geology of the area. If you have knowledge of the geography or what has gone on before, you should include them.
  • Archaeological considerations: if you are aware of anything of archaeological interest at Bramleymoor Lane or nearby, this may be considered.
  • Character of the area: the Planning Inspectorate and planning authority should have have regard to the character of the area. Do you think that this industrial development in the green belt will change the character of the area?

Remember, planning law does not allow things like your view or your house price to be considered so, whilst they may be really (and understandably) important to you, they will hold no weight in a planning decision-making process. As a result, please avoid including them in your response.

If you want to refer to specific policies in your objection to back up your argument, they can be found here:

1) National Planning Policy Framework (google “National Planning Policy Framework”)
2) Derby & Derbyshire Minerals Local Plan 2000 (google: “Derbyshire Minerals and Waste Planning Policy”)
3) North East Derbyshire Local Plan (google: “North East Derbyshire Local Plan”. NEDDC is currently updating its local plan so the new draft and the old plan are relevant.

Planning law is difficult and complex at the best of times without multiple processes running simultaneously. I realise that the above can be confusing and residents will legitimately ask why they are effectively duplicating or tripling their objections in multiple places – and, therefore, I hope the above explanation is helpful. If you continue to feel strongly about Bramleymoor Lane then the important thing is to see each of these processes as opportunities to re-state those feelings – so please make sure you comment in all three places as soon as possible.

I will update with further information soon. If you have any questions or would like help with your comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.