Bramleymoor Lane: Further Update & Action You Can Take

A short update on the Ineos planning application:

Planning Inspectorate choose inquiry method: The Planning Inspectorate have now confirmed that they will deal with Bramleymoor Lane through a planning inquiry. Whilst I remain of the view that getting the Planning Inspectorate involved was the wrong decision, we are where we are and I wrote to the Inspectorate last week to request an inquiry as the best option available to us in the circumstances. Holding a full planning inquiry means that the Inspectorate will come to North East Derbyshire and hold meetings over a number of days to consider the application and there will be the opportunity local residents and groups to speak. This inquiry is likely to be a number of months away and details will not be clear for a while.

Requests to reverse the referral decision: a number of residents have been in touch to ask whether there is a way in law to reverse the decision to refer to the Planning Inspectorate. I have taken advice on this and there isn’t. The law does not allow us to stop this referral once it has been made so we have to now deal with what is coming. I do think the decision to refer raises a number of wider questions about the spirit of planning laws and they work on large applications such as this one. I will take these broader concerns up in Parliament in the coming weeks and months.

Consultation open: The Planning Inspectorate have now opened a consultation on Bramleymoor Lane which will remain open until 17th January. This is a general consultation which gives all interested parties the opportunity to comment on the application. The comments of everyone who has already made representations on the application via Derbyshire County Council will still be considered as part of the Planning Inspectorate work but this latest consultation is an opportunity to make the points again or to provide any new comments that you may have. You can send comments here: