The potential impact of hydraulic fracturing in North East Derbyshire: Westminster Hall Debate 22 November 2017

Marsh Lane Autumn2

Next Wednesday, I’ve been able to secure a 30-minute debate in Westminster Hall on fracking in North East Derbyshire.

When I was elected in June I pledged to oppose the application at Bramleymoor Lane and since then I’ve been busy working with local residents to do just that.  This debate is an opportunity to highlight the very great impact that any exploratory drilling or fracking will have on the Moss Valley and within North Derbyshire as a whole.

Westminster Hall debates are opportunities for local and national issues to be discussed in Parliament and brought to the attention of Government ministers.  These debates, which are in a separate chamber to the House of Commons, provide a platform to highlight issues, concerns and to obtain a Ministerial response.  You can find out more here:

I hope to be able to highlight some examples of the concerns that local residents have on fracking so please get in touch if you would like your views to be considered for inclusion.  I won’t be able to include everyone’s but I’m keen to hear from as many people as possible!